Top Speed Of Fast Mobility Scooters

Is It Safe To Go Fast on a Mobility Scooter?


SPEED … How Fast Can You Go? The question on the lips of most car and truck owners. AND … scooter owners.

To SPEED up or slow down. The decision that prompts deep thought about the results of both.

Scooters opened the door to SPEED when the POWER was added. SPEED allowed the disabled to move quickly from Point A to Point B and back again.

But SPEED also created a new set of rules for the disabled. Just as able-bodied drivers follow a strict set of rules that govern the roadways, so must the mobility scooter drivers.

Mobility Scooters are designed with a maximum safe speed according to the purpose of the scooter.

For instance (in most models):

  • Travel Scooters maximum speed is 5 mph.
  • Full-sized Scooters maximum speed is 6 mph.
  • Heavy-duty Scooters maximum speed is 10 mph.

As there are rules for vehicles safety on the roads, there are rules of safety for mobility scooters.

  • The safe speed for most mobility scooters on sidewalks is 4 mph.
  • Only travel at FAST speeds on the roadway.
  • Fast on a mobility scooter can seem a lot faster than riding a bicycle or driving a car due to the smaller wheels and suspension (many scooters do not have suspension)
  • Scooters are susceptible to every bump and crack in the road so can be unstable a high speeds (9 mph).
  • Visibility is an issue – many scooters are not visible to drivers of cars and trucks.
  • Weaving in and out of parking stalls along the street can be very dangerous.

FAST according to Mobility Scooters equates to DANGER. It is not advisable to exceed the speed limits for safety.

The heavy-duty mobility scooters, such as Pride Wrangler Personal Mobility Vehicle with a top speed of 10mph, is equipped with four wheels for better stability at high speeds. It is an all-terrain vehicle (the SUV of mobility scooters) that offers durable components: heavy-duty 6" x 13" all-terrain tires with Pride "Micro-Mag" alloy wheel assemblies for superb, stable outdoor performance.

This model is built for safety at high SPEEDS, while travel scooters are built for easy transport — but not high speeds.

Each model is built with a specific purpose, weight limit as well as speed limit.

Before putting "the pedal to the medal," it is wise to review the speed limits of the model, the weather conditions, the road conditions … and finally, the driver’s conditions.

DO NOT EXCEED the limits of any scooters. Drive with caution!

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