The EV Rider Sportster Is Not Only a 2 Person Mobility Scooter, It Also Overcomes 9 Common Problems That Cause A Lot Of Grief With Regular Mobility Scooters…


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EV Rider Sportster 2 Person Mobility Scooter

Strengths Of the EV Rider Sportster 2 Person Mobility Scooter:

1) Durability — A common problem with standard mobility scooters is that of durability. The last thing you need is to break
down away from home. The EV Rider Sportster was built for heavy duty use.

2) Large Wheels — Many scooters have small wheels that are suceptible to bumps and cracks on the road, much like a grocery
shopping cart when it gets caught in bumps and cracks in a parking lot. The EV Rider has large
wheels to give a smooth ride on rough surfaces. The large wheels also allow you to go off-road on
grass fields and dirt paths without any worry of getting stuck.

3) Powerful 2 horsepower turbo-cooled electric motor — more than enough power to climb steep hills and get you to your
destination with ease.

4) Emergency hand-brake. TheSportster has a secondary emergency hand-brake to provide an extra level of

5) Front suspension to absorb bumps. Some mobility scooters come with a built-in suspension to absorb bumps, just like
an automobile. The Sportster comes with heavy duty front shock absorbers to give a smooth

6) 450 lb passenger weight capacity. Scooters are rated to carry a certain amount of weight, including anything you
carry on the scooter. Getting a scooter with insufficient passenger carrying capacity could result
in premature failure of the rear differential or electric motor and voiding of warranty. Make sure
to get a scooter that exceeds your capacity plus everything you intend to carry with

7) Sufficient Space to Carry Groceries Without Impacting Steering. Scooters have the option of carrying your groceries in a front or rear basket, or on the floorboard between your legs. Most baskets are small so there isn’t much
room to carry groceries. If you carry your groceries in a front basket it can be difficult to steer
properly. The EV Rider Sportster come with a large rear basket allowing you to carry a full load of
groceries without impacting steering.

8) Enough ground clearance so you don’t get hung up. Some scooters are designed with very low ground clearance. The end result is getting hung up on speed bumps or when going up/down curb ramps. Check that your scooter has
sufficient ground clearance. The EV Rider has plenty with 5″ of ground clearance.

9) 7.5 or 9.3 MPH Top Speed. The average scooter on the street has a top speed of 5 MPH. Some people want a faster speed if they do a lot of driving on the street. The Sportster’s top speed of 9.3 MPH (with upgrade) provides plenty
of speed to get to your destination quickly.

So whether you are looking for a 1 or 2 passenger mobility scooter, the EV Rider Sportster is a great choice that provides a smooth ride, long-term durability, and leaves enough room for your spouse, friend, or grandchildren to ride with you
and enjoy your day together.

EV Rider Sportster Dual Seat 2 Passenger Mobility Scooter

Standard Features

2 Horsepower motor

Hand brake: emergency/parking – premium drum design

Heavy duty coil spring shock absorbers

Adjustable height and position handle bars

Cast Aluminum wheels

Stainless steel fenders

Battery included – group 24 batteries (12v75Ah)

Charger: 24 vdc, 4 amp, off-board (international dual voltage)

Large capacity rear basket

Frame color: black and chrome

Advanced Safety Features

Electromagnetic brake system

Mechanical hand brake – premium drum design

Electronics watchdog system

Protection from electro-magnetic interference (EMI) – 10 V/m

Lighting package:

Front headlights

Rear tail lights

Directional signals

Hazard lights

*Speed and Range Will Vary, Depending On Load

Maximum speed 7.5 mph (9.3 mph with upgrade)

Maximum reverse speed 3.75 mph

Factory preset programmable high and low speeds

18 Mile maximum driving range

Maximum incline 21 percent

Maximum obstacle height 15″

Turning radius: 39.4″

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