Mobility Scooter Buyer’s Guide, Mobility Scooter Travel and Safety

Whether you are wanting

  1. Guidance with selecting a mobility scooter (so you don’t make the same mistake as many others and get the wrong scooter and have problems returning it)
  2. Tips on stress-free mobility scooter travel (so you know your rights under the disability act and don’t get left behind)
  3. Mobility scooter defensive driving safety tips

Checkout the 3 mobility scooter guide ebooks below…

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Baffled By Mobility Scooter Choices? — eBook.How to Guarantee You’ll Get The Right Scooter and Not Be Disappointed!


Whether You Plan to  Ride a Mobility Scooter Inside Your Home, Down The Road To a Coffee Shop, Across Town on a Bus, or Across The World By Air,

Getting The Wrong Mobility Scooter Could Stop You From Going Where You Want to Go!

Many people buy mobility scooters without knowing enough about them and end up with the wrong mobility scooter.  This may mean getting stuck in odd places with your mobility scooter, a 10% or more restocking fee, and the hassle of returning it.  On a $1000 mobility scooter thats $100 or more out of your pocket for choosing the wrong scooter.

There are plenty of fine mobility scooter stores that properly qualify you for a mobility scooter, but like everything else in this world, there are other stores that are only interested in their profits, and don’t mind selling you the wrong scooter.  This ebook will give you what you need to choose the right mobility scooter.

The goal of this ebook is simple. Give you all the tips you need so you choose the right scooter and go where you’d like to go without getting stuck.  Armed with a checklist, you’ll be able to talk to scooter store sales people without getting side-tracked and make smart choices when you buy your mobility scooter.

Baffled By Mobility Scooter Choices? will save you  many hours of research and possibly hundreds of dollars in savings!

100% no-hassle 30 day money-back guarantee!

By: Glenn Coleman

Bundle & Save!

The Secrets to Stress-Free Mobility Scooter Travel By Bus or Air — eBook.

There are all sorts of problems you can run into when traveling with your mobility scooter. Whether it’s having too large a scooter to fit on the plane, or your scooter not arriving at your destination, knowing ahead of time what you may encounter and how to deal with it makes for stress-free mobility scooter travel.

Each airline and bus company has different policies on traveling with a mobility scooter so it can become confusing.  We’ve simplified this by letting you know exactly what you may encounter, before you leave your home.

Airlines and bus companies have come a long ways when it comes to providing good service for people with mobility devices, but you need to be  the captain and watch out for your unique needs.  Together with the tips in this ebook, you are well on your way to stress free mobility scooter travel by bus or plane.

Don’t let your next vacation or outing end on the tarmac or at a bus stop!

The Secrets To Stress-Free Travel With Your Mobility Scooter


Know Your Mobility Scooter Danger Zones! — eBook. Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You SAFE While Driving Your Mobility Scooter.

Occupational therapists and mobility experts all agree: mobility scooter riders face potential road dangers every day. Some dangers are obvious and others are not so obvious. And it’s these hidden dangers, also known as mobility scooter danger zones, which have the greatest likelihood for injury. Having an awareness of mobility scooter danger zones is the first step to maintaining a truly independent life.

Know Your Mobility Scooter Danger Zones! uses brash, yet beautifully illustrated cartoons by popular artist Mike Swaim, to make memorable the very real and serious dangers faced by mobility scooter riders. The cheeky yet thought-provoking eBook is a must-read for every person who uses a mobility scooter.

Be aware and be prepared.  Who knows, this book could save your life.

100% no-hassle 30 day money-back guarantee!

Know Your Mobility Scooter Danger Zones eBook

Bundle & Save!

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