Mobility Scooter Ramps – How to Get Mobility Scooter In or Out of House and Vehicle

Your mobility scooter is a powerful tool, giving you back your independence and helping you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

However, you will need to take certain steps to ensure that you are able to use your scooter properly. You’ll need to consider several things, including storing your scooter, traveling with it and, of course, how you will get it into your home, the storage building and into the back of your vehicle.

Ramps are the simplest and most common solution to these needs.

What types of ramps are available?  Which type is best for you?  How do you know which ramp style you need?

Folding Ramps – Folding ramps are some of the most convenient available.  You will find two types of folding ramps – those that fold vertically and those that fold horizontally.  Both offer considerable benefits, though vertical (those that fold lengthwise) offer somewhat better storage solutions.  Horizontally folding ramps are very handy, but require a bit more in the way of storage space.

Folding ramps can accommodate up to 600 lbs, and come in many different lengths.  For instance, the Pride SilverStar (model # 2421) is available in 5 different lengths, including 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6-foot lengths.

Another excellent folding ramp is the EZ-Access Suitcase Series (model # 670).  These come with convenient suitcase-type handles for better portability.

Threshold Ramps – Threshold ramps are very beneficial for a variety of needs.  These can span the difference between a walkway and a doorway; help you cover the distance between the ground and a raised curb as well as much more.  You’ll find several types of threshold ramps available, including metal folding threshold ramps, rubber ramps (with a solid wedge shape) and more.

The EZ-Access Threshold Ramp (model # 674) is an excellent example of the folding metal style.  It manages to span curb and step-up heights ranging from just over 1 inch to more than 6 inches, making it a versatile choice.

If you prefer to have a more stationary threshold ramp, the EZ-Access Rubber Threshold Ramp (model # 1776) is an excellent option and is available in a 2-inch threshold height, as well as a 5-inch threshold height.

Van and SUV Ramps – To get your scooter into the back of a van or SUV, you will need a high quality, portable ramp.  Thankfully, you’ll find a wide variety of these, in tri-fold design, quad-fold design and other designs.  These are the best way to get your scooter on the road.

The PVI Utility Ramp (model # 1004) offers quad-folding benefits (it folds in 4’s) and has an anti-pinch design.  In addition, it comes in sizes that can accommodate anywhere from a 12-inch rise all the way up to a 20-inch rise.

The EZ-Access Hitchhiker Ramp (model # 1824) is a custom-built ramp that actually attaches to the back of your vehicle for better accessibility, more cargo room and better transportation capabilities.

Solid Ramps – These ramps are made of metal and do not fold.  As such, they are ideal when a semi-permanent solution is needed. A solid ramp offers stability, some portability benefits and durability.  For instance, the PVI Solid Ramp (model # 1003) is able to span curb heights up to 10 inches and comes in varying lengths (to accommodate rise height).

Challenges Ramps Pose

Of course, ramps do pose some unique challenges.  For instance, you will need to ensure that you know the exact rise height that you need for a permanent or semi-permanent ramp going into your home.  Solid ramps do not fold, thus reducing the amount of cargo space in your vehicle.  Some folding ramps are quite large, as well, which also reduces the amount of storage space in your vehicle.

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