Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

With Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters, it is the weight capacity that is the most important factor when considering buying one.  You need to consider your weight plus the weight of oxygen tanks, groceries or anything else you may carry on your mobility scooter, when checking for scooter weight capacities.

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One of the goals of the heavy duty mobility scooter is to be built strong enough so it doesn’t break under heavy load. To provide the large passenger with a quality scooter capable of supporting up to a 500 lbs – in comfort and style.

Most heavy duty scooters are equipped with well built suspensions for comfort ride; air-filled tires to absorb bumps, reinforced frames to withstand the dings and dents of travel, and high-amp controllers for MORE power. Add to these components a wide seat and you have a “vehicle” of comfort and safety.

Comfortable seats are a necessity for the larger person. Since sitting in one position for up to 15 hours a day can cause fatigue and pressure sores, it’s imperative that the seat be made of high quality materials. Some heavy duty scooters provide larger seats or a Captain’s seat.

Every scooter has its pros and cons … as does the heavy duty model:

The Pros:

  • Built with strong materials to withstand the weight up to 500 lbs.
  • Equipped with optimal suspension for comfort ride
  • Air-filled tires to absorb bumps
  • Wide footboard for safe entry/exit from scooter.
  • Many seating options including Captains Chair

The Cons:

  • Large frame makes maneuverability difficult in tight spaces.
  • Heavy components making it more difficult to dissemble & carry.
  • Most heavy-duty scooters are not portable (with the exception of the Pride Maxima which is portable); thus they require additional equipment to transport.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters offer a variety of options such as custom seat widths and walker, cane, oxygen tank and crutch holders. To select the optimal scooter for the needs of the larger person, compare the features against the requirements of the user.

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