Fitting Mobility Scooter For Comfort


Comfort Means More Than Just a Good Seat For Your Mobility Scooter


There are a number of options you can choose from that give you a more comfortable ride on your mobility scooter.

They range from seating options for mobility scooter, types of tires, suspension, steering tiller, 3 or 4 wheel, and length & width of scooter.

The most obvious is that of seat comfort. The major options are:

  • Low-back or high-back seats with or without head rests
  • Captains chairs
  • Different seat widths
  • Reclining seats
  • Swiveling seats
  • Elevating seats

Seats for mobility scooters often come standard with a low-back seat but many can be upgraded to include any of the above seating options.

Some mobility scooters are limited in the seating options available. If that is the case you may want to consider getting a high quality seat cushion made specifically for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

These are not your ordinary seat cushions you find at the department store for chairs at home, Roho Nexus seat cushion for mobility scooterbut rather especially designed cushions for mobility scooters coming in a variety of formats depending on your seating requirements. They include gel filled, tempur-pedic, magnetic, easy-rise cushions that help you stand up from your seat, and more.



The seat to ground, and seat to floor distances vary by mobility scooter and can impact the comfort of your scooter. The distances are listed under specifications and should be considered. Especially if you are very tall or short, so you get an electric mobility scooter that has your legs in a comfortable position when riding your scooter.

The stability of your scooter may also impact your overall comfort while driving it. 4-wheel scooters have the greatest stability. 3-wheel scooters have less stability and you have to be careful not to lean forward to the outside when turning on inclines since they can tip over. Many 3-wheel scooters come with anti-tip wheels under the front edges of the floor to help keep the scooter from tipping over. 

You can get scooters of varying widths, which also impacts the stability of the scooter since a wider wheelbase gives greater stability. The widest scooters may not be good for use indoors so make sure to consider the widths of your hallways etc. if you plan to use your scooter indoors.

If you are tall then you may want to consider the maximum height the seat can be raised and room for your feet on the scooter. 3-Wheel scooters provide the most foot room while 4-Wheel scooters have less due to the front wheels taking away foot room. There are a few scooters by Pacer that have the option of an extended wheelbase. Checkout the total length of all the scooters to get a better idea of which scooter may be good for you.

Prowler 4-wheel mobility scooter with full front and rear suspensionThe tires and suspension of a scooter also impact the comfort of your ride. The more deluxe scooters come standard with pneumatic (air filled) tires and some have a front or rear suspension to absorb the bumps and give a more stable ride.

The Activecare Medical Prowler 4-Wheel Deluxe Scooter is a good example of a scooter with front and rear suspension to give a more comfortable ride.


Scooters have different types of tillers (the handle bars). Many are adjustable so you can bring the tiller forward to a comfortable driving position.

Some scooters have left or right-hand throttle controls that may make your journey more comfortable if you have any loss of use of one of your arms. Another option is a Delta Tiller, which is a throttle control that can make the scooter go forward or backwards using the fingers of one hand pushing forward or back.

Travel scooters are the worst for comfort because they are designed to be light-weight and don’t have as many seating, tires, and suspension options.

Good luck finding the most comfortable scooter for you!

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