Cruising Along With Your Spouse On a Two Person Mobility Scooter

What Fun!

“Why is it that most mobility scooters have only one seat?”

Mobility Scooters are the legs to those who can not walk and freedom for those confined at home. They have opened doors to unbelievable adventures for the disabled community; providing confidence where there once was fear.

Scooters, Motorcycles and Automobiles have a lot in common. They are motorized, have two or more wheels and provide transportation needs to those who wish to travel.

Scooters usually have one seat, Motorcycles have one seat with room for a passenger and Automobiles have one bench seat, or two seats plus many more for passengers.

It appears that Scooters got short changed in the passenger department.

Consider the front bench seat of a car/truck … two sit side by side, eye level to eye level to enjoy a leisurely ride to their destination. There is no need to look up or down to converse. They simply look direct into each others eyes to while they cruise around in the truck.

But most Mobility Scooters are single seated. In order to chat, they must look up to their walking companion. Lost is the direct eye to eye contact.

The question was raised: “If cars/trucks can have bench seats, why not mobility scooters?”

Why not?

EV Rider Power Mobility Products took the question to heart and designed scooters with a two passenger BENCH SEAT (which you’ll see in a second). It is a design that offers room for an additional passenger so you can ride together with your loved ones. Make it a fun time together cruising around your neighborhood or into town for a coffee.

EV Rider’s 2 Person Mobility Scooter has stretched the boundaries of the disabled so they can be more active with their family and friends. They opened the world of unlimited opportunities now that 2 people can ride together on a scooter.

Many scooter owners have spouses or friends who are not completely disabled, but can’t walk long distances due to Arthritis, Asthma, or some other reason.. Although they are not disabled enough to warrant a scooter of their own, they can now enjoy the comforts of the 2 person scooter. They can hop on and enjoy a leisure day of shopping or sightseeing without the physical limitations of walking. AND, they can converse eye-to-eye with the driver!

“And for parents of small children, it is the perfect solution to the “tired child syndrome” when running errands.

Children LOVE to ride … to them it is FUN.

Nothing is more precious than sharing an adventure with your child side by side.”

Even people with no disability are enjoying the 2-Person Scooter with their disabled family member or friend. The 2 Person Mobility Scooter offers a “riding” experience unlike anything else.

Imagine the possibilities: two friends or husband and wife enjoying an afternoon at their favorite museum, or rolling through the out-door malls, or visiting the local botanical gardens. Adventures once limited by one seat can now be enjoyed by two.

The 2-Person Mobility Scooter is still a relatively hidden treasure. Produced by only a few companies world-wide. EV Rider is paving the path with their lineup of 2 passenger scooters.

The answer to the question asked earlier “Why is it that most mobility scooters have only one seat?” is that people never realized how important it is to be able to carry a passenger with you on your mobility scooter.  This opportunity opens up a whole new scooter experience.

Just like station wagons turned into mini-vans and SUV’s, one passenger mobility scooters are turning into two passenger vehicles.

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