Are You Aware of The Advantages of Buying a Mobility Scooter Online?

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People are buying all sorts of products from the Internet these days, from barbecues to automobiles and mobility scooters too.  So why not buy your mobility scooter or power wheelchair online?

Pros/Cons of Buying Mobility Scooter Online


  1. You can choose the best brand, and not be limited by one or two brands your local scooter store may carry. This can mean greater mobility if you find a more advanced scooter online.
  2. Often Lower prices due to competition and large sales volumes.
  3. You can scan the Internet stores for scooters on sale.  Often they sell last years model at lower prices.
  4. More stores to choose from — not just stores in your town
  5. Online stores often offer better information about the products and customer reviews online, and not just what the salesperson tells you.
  6. No pressure from a salesperson.  You can still email or phone a mobility scooter customer service agent at their toll free 1800 numbers if you have any questions.
  7. Shipping is FREE with most online mobility scooter stores with some having a $50 or $100 minimum purchase.
  8. You don’t have to go shopping during prime time shopping hours.  You can wait until you get home and relax and place your order online when you’re comfortable.  Online stores are open to take orders 24 hrs a day.
  9. For disabled people not having to travel to so many stores can be a big advantage.
  10. You can download the user manual for the product from the online store and read it before the product arrives, so you know all about your scooter or power chair, and you won’t feel pressured to have to read the manual when it arrives.
  11. Many online scooter stores offer coupons to get up to 15% off your purchase.


  1. Can’t sit on scooter or test drive to see if it is comfortable & suitable for you (but you can go to your local scooter store to test drive a similar model, then buy online for the lower price)
  2. You must wait for scooter to arrive by mail (but in continental US usually only 3 days expedited shipping)
  3. You must request “white glove” service to get personal delivery, setup, and demonstration – service arranged by the online scooter store with a local store in your area.
  4. You need to make sure a dealer in your town can do warranty repairs.

According to an independent research firm there are over 700  million people using the Internet  regularly in the world.  And of that number  somewhere between 75%-85% of people are buying things online.  That means about 525 million people are shopping on the Internet. The Internet shopping process has fully matured and with the backing of credit card company purchase guarantees it is now mainstream to shop online.

“Buying a product online on the Internet with a credit card has become more secure than paying for dinner at your local restaurant…”

You may also use Paypal, where your credit card number is concealed from the merchant seeing it — but its not really necessary with credit card company’s solid guarantees.

In any event, checkout your options with purchasing online, it may save you money or get you a better brand of scooter.

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