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Ameriglide Traveler 3 Mobility Scooter

If you’ve been considering purchasing a mobility scooter, you’ve probably already seen a lot of different products available on the internet via different suppliers and manufacturers. With so many choices on today’s market, you may be wondering where your dollar is best spent. The reality is that, much like automobile shoppers, every scooter shopper has a different set of needs and preferences. Today we’re going to examine one of the most popular models of electric scooters available for people with mobility impairments, and identify which users will find this to be a good buy and which users may want something different.

One of the current bestsellers in the mobility scooter market is the AmeriGlide Traveler. The Traveler is a 3 wheel travel scooter and is designed for easy portability. The Traveler breaks down into five separate components to make it easier to take along with you in a car, on a bus, or aboard an airplane. The heaviest of these pieces when the scooter is broken down is only 28 pounds; the entire scooter weighs about 92 pounds when fully assembled.

The AmeriGlide Traveler has several features that make it a good choice for casual scooter users. For starters, it comes equipped with flat-free tires – they’re made of solid high-impact rubber to avoid the inconvenience of a flat tire while you’re on the go. The Traveler also has an electromechanical braking system, which uses the kinetic energy absorbed by the brakes to power the motor and supplement the lifespan of a single battery charge. This allows the AmeriGlide Traveler to go up to 8 miles before needing a recharge. The Traveler also has a relatively low turning radius, which is a measurement of how much distance you need to make a full 180-degree turn during operation. You can turn around on a Traveler with only about 33 inches of room (less than three feet).

By far, though, the most attractive thing about the AmeriGlide Traveler is its price – at $549.99, it is nearly $250 cheaper than the next lowest-priced premium scooter on today’s market, with very similar operational specs and warranty coverage (generally, a one-year warranty that covers parts and service and brings a technician directly to your home). With a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, the AmeriGlide Traveler will suit most users fine.

However, if you have certain needs, the AmeriGlide Traveler may not be for you. Users weighing more than 275 pounds will want to look toward heavy duty mobility scooter models, such as the Pride Wrangler or the Golden Avenger. Also, because the AmeriGlide Traveler has a very low ground clearance (about 1.4 inches), it’s not ideal for rough outdoor terrain. A model with higher ground clearance, ideally a heavy duty scooter, is recommended for users who need to be able to negotiate grass, rocky ground, or uneven sidewalks and pavement. Finally, if your impairment is severe enough that you require a very stable mobility aid, you are probably better off buying a 4 wheel scooter for your own safety.

For all other users who don’t fit those exceptions mentioned above, however, the AmeriGlide Traveler is a very cost-effective mobility scooter that will serve you well in day-to-day travel and is easily portable if you like to travel frequently. To get more information or to order yours, click on the banner below, and enter the promo code MSRCOM when checking out to receive 3% off of your order.

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