Mobility scooter riders could be subject to compulsory insurance

(Press Release) – Lawyers have called for changes to be made to the law regarding insurance of mobility scooters. Personal Injury lawyers have proposed there should be a review of the Road Traffic Act to make it compulsory for those who use mobility scooters to take out insurance.

Mobility scooters are not currently classed as motor vehicles and the fastest speed they can usually attain is 8mph. The current law does not require users of mobility scooters to take out insurance, or to even take a test before using such a vehicle, however, there has been in an increase in the number of reported incidents involving mobility scooters in which someone has been injured.

There have been several reports of people sustaining injuries as a result of being knocked down by scooters. At present those who have suffered injuries in such a way have no method of seeking compensation for their personal injuries, other than by suing the negligent user.

A group of Brighton solicitors have called for parliament to make insurance on mobility scooters compulsory. The need to review the current law has received increased support following the recent incident involving a 70 year old woman from Leigh. Last week the lady in question was seriously injured when a scooter crashed into her. As a direct result of the accident the lady requires a hip replacement and has reported that she is in agonising pain.

In light of these recent incidents, parliament is currently considering whether there is a need for users of mobility scooters to take out insurance. The DVLA has indicated its support for such changes and has highlighted that it strongly advises owners of mobility scooters to take out insurance cover. The group of solicitors in Brighton, amongst many others, are also in support of these changes.

Users of mobility scooters argue that compulsory insurance would significantly increase the cost of using a scooter and may prevent many people who rely on these vehicles to get about from using them.

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