What is Your Plan if Your Mobility Device Breaks Down?


Glenn from mobility-scooter-reviews.com here.

I am trying to get to the bottom of an issue that could be quite serious for mobility scooter & power wheelchair owners.


One of my readers mentioned to me that on a few occasions he had broken down, and had a difficult time getting help to carry his power wheelchair home.  He mentioned that the police would carry himself, but didn’t have a vehicle at the time that could carry his power wheelchair.  The wheelchair capable taxis at the time also weren’t available.  So he ended up at home without his mobility device that he needs to get around inside his house.


It seems that the Police should be the people helping this person, including carrying their wheelchair or mobility scooter.  Police departments around the world all have different policies on how they handle mobility equipment, so it may or may not be a problem in your area.


I have an idea that uses new Twitter type technology that could build a disabled emergency network, so all people that own disability equipment capable vehicles can register, and be available via twitter notification to help fellow travelers of mobility devices.  So all people within a 10 mile radius who registered with the service would be notified that a person with mobility device is broken down and needs transport.  The person taking the call would then respond with a tweet that they are responding to the call so all the others on the network know they don’t need to respond.


Some of the logistics could become a problem, but seems like a good idea for discussion.


Perhaps if Police don’t have a van to carry the mobility equipment they could send out the notification to the network.


So I would like to know if you’ve had any breakdowns and how you dealt with it, whether you called police, a taxi, or your family or friend?  And could they easily carry your mobility device?

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