Buying Mobility Scooters in South Africa – Very Expensive

Here is a comment from a mobility scooter owner about their experience getting their mobility scooter in London and taking on plane to South Africa:

Dear Glenn,
Mobility scooters are VERY expensive in South Africa. Having COPD and not being able to walk very far, I spent weeks on the internet on overseas sites researching various scooters and prices and finally decided the Pride Go Go was for me.
My husband travels frequently on business and as the Go Go was half the price in London as it was in Johannesburg, I asked him if he could purchase one for me while he was there.
We ordered the scooter, paid for it and arranged for it to be delivered to my husband’s hotel room on the Friday he was flying home. It so happened that his business meeting that day went on longer than anticipated and finding himself short on time to get to Heathrow, he dashed back to his hotel to pick up his things and what he presumed would be a smallish box containing the scooter in bits.
Can you imagine his horror when he opened the door of his hotel room and there in the middle of the floor was a HUGE (and heavy) box? He instantly realized he would not be able to take it on the tube train to the airport so he frantically called a taxi and thankfully with the help of the driver he was able to squeeze it into the cab.
His troubles were not over. Arriving at the airport with minutes to spare before boarding the airline advised him that it was against regulations to allow a box of that size on the aircraft as luggage. Panic! Thankfully the airline (SAA) helped him by rustling up some smaller boxes and very kindly helped him open the scooter box and distribute the various parts of the scooter between the smaller boxes.
R1000.00 poorer because of duty at Johannesburg airport, but still having paid well under Johannesburg scooter prices, my husband arrived with all the little boxes at our house the next day.  I was delighted with my scooter and have used it every day since. It is a wonderful little scooter and has changed my life; giving me freedom to get around my large Johannesburg garden and around various shopping malls. I have even driven it along the beach in Fish Hoek, Cape Town (where the sand was fairly solid).
Next time my husband purchases a scooter for me overseas, perhaps he will take my advice and put it together before taking it to the airport, and then bury his pride and drive it up to the check in counter. As we have discovered since, the airline will happily load it on the plane as they would a wheelchair.
Kind Regards,
Lynne Milne
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