Electric Mobility Scooters History

The POWER to move with ease … the goal of every disabled person.

Before the POWER scooter, it was difficult for those with walking disabilities to move with ease
in their manual wheelchairs. Their only means of moving from point A to point B was by their own
physical strength. All movement depended upon the strength in their arms, or the strength in their
caretaker’s arms to push them.

Then the Electric Mobility Scooter hit the scene and made history.

Who invented the Electric Mobility Scooter?

Allen R. Thieme is credited for this inventive idea in 1968. He was personally motivated to help a family member with multiple sclerosis. His idea of adding POWER to the manual chair changed the world not only for his family member, but the disabled community worldwide. His first scooter, “The Amigo,” initiated the entire “scooter” revolution.

Who can benefit from the Electric Mobility Scooter?

Persons able to sit upright without support and able to control the steering tiller.

The Electric Scooter is an ideal solution for those:

· With arm or shoulder flexibility issues that are unable to push a manual chair.

· Persons with whole-body disabling conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis,
cerebral palsy or lung and coronary issues etc.

· Those who can still walk a few steps but need a motorized form of transportation for
longer distances.

Independence is the reward for owning an Electric Mobility Scooter.

The freedom to be self-sufficient, to be able to maneuver inside and outside the home, to take a pet for a walk around the block or go to the local coffee shop to enjoy an afternoon with afriend.

And that’s not all… Electric Mobility Scooters opens the world for adventure. With the variety of models and styles; 3-Wheel, 4-Wheel, Travel, Full-Size, and Heavy Duty the only decision left is which one to choose.

3-Wheel: This model allows for tight space maneuverability. This asset is great for narrow hallways, or crowded store isles.

4- Wheel: This style offers increased stability, with the four wheels providing reduced risk of tipping on corners.

Travel: Noted for their manageable size and weight, these scooters disassemble or fold up for easy transport in the car or truck.

Full-Size: Designed for passengers up to 350 lbs, this style is available in 3 or 4 wheel models. They offer additional options such as cane/crutch holder, saddlebag and cup holder.

Heavy-Duty: Designed for the large passenger, this model has a weight limit of 500 lbs and is equipped with larger seat, optimal suspension for a comfortable ride and air-filled tires to absorb bumps.

The Electric Mobility Scooter offers the disabled community the option to view the world from the seat of independence. No longer are they limited to the use of their arm/shoulder strength or the arm/shoulder strength of their caretaker. They now have the ability to press the POWER button to maneuver around their home or cruse their neighborhood.

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