Top 10 Misfortunes of Getting The Wrong Electric Mobility Scooter

Drum Roll Please…

Top 10 Misfortunes of Getting The Wrong Electric Mobility Scooter

1) Getting stuck in the door of a bus because your mobility scooter is too wide.

2) Spending your whole day trying to figure out how to put your mobility scooter back together since dissembling it to take it in your car.

3) Needing a hot bath when you get home to soothe your sore body after riding an uncomfortable electric mobility scooter that is too small for you all day long.

4) Needing to go to a chiropractor because you bought a mobility scooter with a very bumpy ride and it is  hurting your back.

5) Tipping over whenever you turn a corner because your mobility scooter is too narrow.

6) Getting too heavy a mobility  scooter and have no way to get it into your house.

7) Getting hung up in every door threshold you go through because you bought a travel mobility scooter with not much ground clearance.

8> Getting an outdoor mobility scooter and discover it is not covered by Medicare.

9) Getting stuck on a grass field because your wheels are too skinny.

10) Getting stuck on hills because your mobility scooter is not built to carry your weight.

Do you have any mobility scooter misfortunes that in hind-sight are funny?

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Note from the author: My list of Top 10 Misfortunes is not intended to make light of the situations and circumstances endured by persons who are “other abled,” persons who must rely on mobility scooters for independent living, or persons who have experienced any of the “misfortunes” discussed on this page.  The list is a cheeky look at serious problems faced by individuals who must rely on mobility scooters every single day of their lives.  As Charlie Chaplin once said, “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”  It is my eternal wish that we all take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at the larger picture of life. Only then can we sit together as friends and laugh at ourselves.

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