Used Mobility Scooters

Following along with the baby boom,  people are buying mobility scooters in record numbers.  Many can’t afford it and resort to buying used mobility scooters privately.

While there may be nothing wrong with a used mobility scooter, if buying privately  the buyer often doesn’t have adequate information about how to match a scooter to their needs, so they could end up with the wrong scooter.  In the worst case endanger their own lives by having an ill-equipped or poor fitting scooter on the street in conditions it can’t handle.

Buying privately means that the seller is not usually an expert in mobility scooters and can’t advise you on the features of the scooter and how well they match your needs.  If you want to buy a second-hand mobility scooter  you need to learn what to look for and what is important to you.  Otherwise you could get a mobility scooter that gives you problems.

If you do buy a used mobility scooter, do  Internet research to learn everything you can about that  scooter  model before buying. and are two websites that provide extensive mobility scooter “customer reviews”, so you can see what other owners like or dislike about each scooter.  Just go to one of these sites, search for the scooter model you like, and click on “reviews” for that scooter.

Many electric mobility scooter stores who sell new scooters also sell second-hand scooters.  The advantage of buying a used mobility scooter from a store is the expert advice you get with a mobility salesperson who understands matching of mobility scooters based on your own unique needs.  You often also get some form of return guarantee, in case it doesn’t match your needs.

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