Mobility Scooter Owners — Are You Getting Enough Exercise?

With so many people riding mobility scooters and missing out on exercise I thought I would do a search on what types of exercises we could do sitting in a chair. I ran into this resource at the Applied Taiji website about wheelchair Tai Chi, that I thought would also be good for mobility […]

Do You Need a Mobility Scooter Ramp to Get Scooter In/Out of House?

Checkout our Mobility Scooter Ramps page that shows the more popular ramps and where to use them.

Are You Thinking of Mobility Scooter Travel By Air?

Have you been limiting your air travel due to a mobility impairment? These days there are laws that protect you as a disabled person to ensure you get appropriate service for your mobility needs while traveling, so people with mobility impairments are traveling like never before. Airlines are setup to provide you with support service […]

Are You Thinking of Traveling by Transit Buses With Your Mobility Scooter?

A Few Important Facts You Need to Know Before Riding  a Transit Bus With Your Electric Mobility Scooter 1. There are limitations on how big & wide your mobility scooter can be in order to fit on the bus. 2. It is your responsibility to ensure your mobility scooter is secured properly when you enter […]

Are You Aware of The Advantages of Buying a Mobility Scooter Online?

People are buying all sorts of products from the Internet these days, from barbecues to automobiles and mobility scooters too.  So why not buy your mobility scooter or power wheelchair online? Pros/Cons of Buying Mobility Scooter Online Pros You can choose the best brand, and not be limited by one or two brands your local […]

Beware of Mobility Scooter Store Refund Policies

Recently I read a story about an elderly man who bought his 80 yr old wife a mobility scooter for Christmas.  His wife dreamed of riding a mobility scooter on the seafront on Christmas Day.  She died a day before Christmas.  Her husband was devastated.  When he went to return the brand new scooter the […]

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